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Date: 2017-05-22 04:48

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Occasionally, the clan holds a conga across RuneScape. Sometimes they have quite a short journey other times they can go very far. Some conga will have a theme (for example, a Halloween themed conga), while others will not. In some cases, the conga will be the main part of the event however, sometimes, the conga will be a way to get to another part of RuneScape, for example, having a conga to get to a house party.

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The most common kind of party is a house party. These are often held in the house of a clan member with a high construction level (usually, a player with a games room, combat room and dungeon). People attending the party can then entertain themselves in the house. Common activities include:


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you running trinityAdmin GMH addon?
If so kill it. It's been know to cause the crash
It wasn't updated for cata anyway :/ something I never did get to doing

A party is a clan event sometimes run by Knights of the Abyss. They are often held in a clan member 's player owned house, though they are sometimes held elsewhere.

It's time to party! Gather your friends and speak with Price. The disenfranchised paladin will send you and your friends on a preliminary quest to test your teamwork. If you can complete one of the items on the quest scroll given to you by Price, return to him. Impressed, Price will offer your party another quest this time to enter and emerge victorious from a dungeon. Should your efforts be fruitful, return once more to Price. He will reward you and each of your friends with a treasure chest, each with the possibility of containing a rare item! [6]

I dont know why it is very bug but when I am in a party I always got a bug when I am not in a dungeon or when I am in a dungeon.

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Note: Items bought, created with life skills, traded for, or fished (except for fish) will not count toward the Party Quest. They must be obtained as monster or object drops (except for the Base Herbs which can be collected via picking).

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