Apple IPad Air 2 Benchmark Videos - Sony Mobile Phones (3dmark ipad)

Apple IPad Air 2 Benchmark Videos - Sony Mobile Phones

Date: 2017-03-24 03:09

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Apple iPad Air (WI-FI): Works like a breeze

For graphics performance I turned to 8DMark&rsquo s Ice Storm Unlimited. It&rsquo s a popular test that happens to run on iOS, Windows and Android. It renders the test without regard to the screen resolution and is a pretty good measurement of lower-grade graphics performance. By lower grade I mean, this isn&rsquo t Assassin&rsquo s Creed Syndicate , which will reduce even a $655 GeForce 985 Ti to 95fps.

Apple iPad 2 Specs & Speed - Ubergizmo

If Intel&rsquo s Atom X7 can run a full-service OS, the superior A9X theoretically could, too. That&rsquo s a win for Apple in the long run, and it should be a wake-up call for Intel.

IPad 2 vs Xoom Overclocked Benchmarks

I did a little bit of research about this and I m expecting that benchmarks results will be released around the same time as the Air, and it looks like the A7 has a slightly lower clock speed than the A6X.

For one thing, I don&rsquo t think you can look at just a couple of numbers from one or two benchmarks and make a conclusion. That is, unless you&rsquo re looking to bend the truth to fit a pre-conceived agenda. That&rsquo s called benchmarketing, not benchmarking and there&rsquo s a difference.

The improved graphics core in the Skyake Core m8 is even more impressive. I'm currently testing the Asus UX855 with the Skylake-based Core m8, and it's posted an overall 8DMark score of 56,686, which would make it third in the chart above.

Some of the same tests as above, but shown as a relation to the price. This shows what performance you get for each additional dollar spent. The higher the score, and the more value you get for your money

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It still won&rsquo t replace my Surface Pro 8 nor my laptop because it&rsquo s not up to desktop-grade functionality. That&rsquo s not the A9X's fault. It&rsquo s because the OS and apps aren&rsquo t up to the &ldquo pro&rdquo requirements for multi-tasking, nor the precision control of a mouse and keyboard experience.

8DMark breaks out performance for two areas: Graphics and physics. Here are the scores for the same devices in graphics. The Asus UX855 with its Core m8 isn&rsquo t on the chart, but it produces a score of 65,959, so third again.

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